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The TRC Core Return Policy includes:

  • Prepaid Freight on all qualifying core returns
  • All necessary paperwork included with every unit
  • Pre-filled out Bill of Lading to streamline returns


Adhering to the following procedure will ensure your core returns and credits are processed within 48 hours of core receipt. Failure to abide by this procedure will result in credit ineligibility or delays.


Core Return Policy

  • Cores must be returned within 6 months of the original invoice date to be eligible for credit.
  • Cores must be the same model as the unit purchased; "Like for Like".
  • Cores must be completely drained of all oil.
  • Cores must be fully assembled, have no missing parts and no visual damage such as cracks in the main case, bell housing and/or tail housing.
  • Units are shipped with an easy to fill out Core Return Tag. (fig. 1) This tag must be completed with the Customer PO# or TRC Invoice # and attached to the core.
  • Units are shipped with a Pre-filled out Bill of Lading with our chosen carrier including the contact information. (fig. 2)
  • Contact the Designated Carrier provided on the Bill of Lading to schedule a pick up. Failure to use the designated carrier will result in a charge.
  • Please maximize the freight by fully utilizing the core return pallet (e.g. send 2 or 3 units per pallet if reasonable).


Cores sent with missing or improper paperwork will not be credited and will be returned to the customer freight collect.


Credit Deduction Table 


Core Return Description

% Core Credit Deduction

Unit run with no oil


Visual cracks or holes in housing/housings


Mixing of synthetic and organic oils


Unit does not rotate freely


Missing parts


Disassembled core


Failure to drain oil


Failure to use designated carrier




To Download our Bill of Lading or Core Return Tag, click HERE


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