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Eaton Non-Halo Transmissions No Longer Available

Any Eaton unit that has a Halo option will now be remanufactured only as a "Halo" forced lube oil delivery system unit, Eaton's latest design.

  • If your exchange core already has a Halo, there is no action needed other than to install your bell housing.
  • All reman units will have the "Halo" tube or forced lube tube installed into the unit when received.
  • All reman units will come with 6 bell housing mounting studs already installed. In addition there are either 4 (early case) or 6 (latest case) threaded holes for cap screw installation by the customer.
  • If you are supplied a transmission with a 12 fastener bell housing mount (latest case), the 2 extra holes will already be plugged.
  • Remove plugs only if these holes are needed. Leaving these holes open will cause a leak.

If a Halo is not needed:

  • All reman units will be supplied with a K3705 plug kit containing 2 plugs and an o-ring lubricant needed to convert a halo to a non-halo.
  • Remove the Halo tube to install the (2) non-threaded plugs by pulling the halo tube straight out.
  • This tube is now no longer needed for your application. Please return the tube with the core.
  • Apply the included silicone lubricant to the O-rings on the plugs, then install the upper and lower forced lube case plugs.
  • Both plugs must be fully seated ensuring the plug face is below the surface of the transmission case.
  • If the plugs protrude above the surface of the transmission case, oil leakage will occur. 



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