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Summer will be here before you know it! That means it's time to get all of those school buses in shape for the rigors of transporting thousands of children on a daily basis safely.

TRC is a premium remanufacturer; not just a rebuilder. We carry the full line of remanufactured Allison Transmissions, including the most popular units used in America's pupil transport/shuttle fleets: the 1000, 2000 and 3000 series. Our Allison transmissions are remanufactured by Allison trained technicians in our Allison dedicated facility. Every Allison transmission is remanufactured with 100% genuine Allison parts and components.  And our Garner facility is an Allison Authorized maintenance dealer. Purchase your next Allison transmission from TRC and you can be sure it's built the way Allison wants it built, with genuine Allison parts and specifications, delivered within one day in most areas.

Below highlights just a few reasons why your next Allison transmission should be purchased from TRC, not a rebuilder.





Every transmission is 100% disassembled. Each part is thoroughly cleaned, individually inspected and measured to exact OE specifications.

Missing a worn spline or leaving a small fragment inside a transmission will cause premature failure. Our standard and Allison's standard is 100% disassembly.


We remanufacture our transmissions with only Genuine Allison parts, which are made to match the specific application and maintain their performance throughout the life of the unit.

Substandard parts that are already partially worn out, or worse yet, aftermarket parts from random vendors will not go the distance. Your vehicle will be down again in short order. It might be covered under warranty, but the same substandard parts will be used in the warranty repair.


All AT-545 & 1000 series transmissions are supplied with a new, genuine Allison torque converter manufactured by Allison to the latest specifications and tolerances.

Allison does not offer parts or repair specs for these converters due to the high failure incidents and updated standards. Remanufactured converters are aftermarket and substandard.


Every transmission goes through a multi test, qualification and update process. This includes extensive valve body and dynamometer testing on the latest electronic equipment to ensure exacting standards meet what is required of today's modern trucks.

This type of testing maintains the performance of the transmission as if it were running in the vehicle, ensuring proper performance before the actual install.


We pride ourselves on remanufacturing transmissions with consistent, refined and exacting standards that are required in today's modern trucking industry.

Our high quality remanufacturing process turns out a high quality remanufactured transmission. This allows us to maintain low failure rates; giving you the longest warranty, best service and the least amount of down time which results in more profits to you.


If for some reason you do have to file a warranty claim, you should feel safe knowing that all of our Allison Transmissions are covered with a nationwide parts and labor warranty so you can rest assure you're covered anywhere the road takes you.


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