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If You Haven't Used TRC's Drive Train Decoder™
You're Creating More Work For Yourself!


Don't let this tool slip by you. We are getting rave reviews from our users. The Drive Train Decoder™ is tremendously cutting down the time it normally takes to the do the research to get the part you need; leaving you more time to grow your drive train sales.
The Drive Train Decoder™ launched in January 2016 and we are continuously adding information to ensure we cover the units that make up our industry.

  • Over 12, 000 OE and Manufacturer's Assembly #'s, over 2,000 Casting and Component Part #'s; Leading to more than 6,000 finished product Part #'s.
  • Parameter descriptions and pictures are being refined for easy to follow directions on choosing the correction option. Some examples include:
    • A differential ratio calculator that is interactive; selecting the ratio result will auto populate the specification and narrow your results.

    • Descriptive specification details to educate and help easily identify the type of spline you have.

The Drive Train Decoder™ is a tool that can endlessly be enhanced; many more additions and upgrades to come.

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