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TRC's emphasis on quality has always used the most effective elements of Lean Manufacturing. 5S, Kaizen events and Kanban are just a few examples. Our most recent addition to our Lean tool box has been the addition of Built In Quality-BIQ for short

BIQ drives home best in class quality by being proactive rather than reactive. The basic principle of  BIQ is to stop the flow of defects as close to their source as possible; with no defects leaving the production environment. This is accomplished via use of "gates" and visually driven checklists at critical areas of the remanufacturing processes. Resources are then deployed to eliminate the cause of the defect using proven lean technologies. Early benefits to the roll out of  BIQ in our remanufacturing facilities has been a reduction in warranty claims, improved efficiency as a result of reduced rework and improved working conditions for our technicians.
BIQ in 8 Steps
  1. Stop the defect
  2. Get a detailed description of the defect
  3. Pareto the defects to target the most problematic
  4. Share defect detail with the offender
  5. Conduct RCCA (Root Cause Corrective Action)
  6. Drive feedback to all technicians
  7. Drive RCCA into standard work documents
  8. Repeat the process
The BIQ Process
BIQ Checklists
* Details of key components require a Pass or Fail
* "Fails" are returned to the offender for immediate correction.

Process relies on IPV (In Process Validation)
A technician's "thumbs up" to indicate the processes were completed accurately

Whiteboard Documentation
* "Live Feed" concept * Open communication * Guarantees documentation to improve standard work

Stopping The Flow Of Defects Guarantees Customer Satisfaction

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